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 Vonnie Woodrick is a compassionate and enthusiastic social change agent. Her founding of the non-profit organization i understand exemplifies her determination to change the stigma surrounding mental health. After the loss of her husband, Rob, in 2003, Vonnie’s life was forever changed, as she was forced to live a life without her loving partner and the father of their three children. Feeling as if no one understood suicide, the effects mental illness can have, and the judgment attached, Vonnie set out to change attitudes. Through her nonprofit organization, she has created a petition to change the definition of suicide, written monthly articles for Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, and led support groups for caregivers who have loved ones suffering and for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Knowing that physical and mental health go hand in hand, Vonnie also leads a group once a week to get up, get out and walk “for the health of it.” The national publication Women’s World has featured Vonnie’s story, including how walking has helped in her healing process. Vonnie is beyond proud that her non-profit organization funded a clinical nurse specialist, who focuses on mental health in a traditional hospital setting, at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. This is the first position of its kind in the country. Vonnie is determined to have a positive impact throughout her daily journey. She recently became a certified life coach to understand how she could potentially improve other people’s life. Her latest project, a book titled i understand: love, pain and healing after suicide, is soon to be released; Vonnie is honored to include Mariel Hemingway as the writer of the Foreword of this passion project. The “Be the One Podcast with Aaron & Vonnie” is now available through iHeart, Apple, Google, Stitcher and TuneIn; tune in to hear discussions that can help you to understand something so difficult to understand: mental health. Vonnie’s passion runs deep, and a day in her shoes will show you that wherever she goes, someone stops her to share their own story and finds healing in hearing hers.


I Understand: Pain, Love, and Healing after Suicide


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